I can’t believe this happened.

When I started to have feelings of “momness”, I felt somewhat embarrassed. I realize “momness” is a fake word. If you’ve ever spent any time with me at The Daily Sampler, you’ll know I like to express myself via language that is sometimes foul and sometimes fake. Let me go ahead and define “momness” for you.

Momness- [mahm-nes] :

  1. a state of motherly being; nurturing
  2. an over-obsession with one’s progeny resulting in the sharing of countless baby photos
  3. thinking about, talking about, and analyzing the various acts of child rearing more than 12 hours per 24-hour day
  4. neglecting the emotional and physical well-being of self in favor of the acts of momness (see above.)

Before I became a mom just a few short weeks ago, I admittedly judged mothers- especially mothers of my generation. It’s one thing to identify primarily with raising a family, but in this day in age, it seems like many of today’s moms deem themselves experts on the craft. While I judged them for being what I perceived as one dimensional, they seemed to judge other moms for not doing it right. Why all the judging? Why was I so concerned about becoming one of those one dimensional, child-obsessed creatures? I think for me, a lot of it came down to wanting to remain an individual and a woman with interests reaching beyond the realms of motherhood.

And then I had this beautiful baby. She changed everything. I didn’t seek the momness, the momness found me. Not like I had a choice. Being submerged in 12 weeks of maternity leave (don’t get excited, we are taking major financial risks for it,) doesn’t leave a lot of room for any other thoughts and activities aside from caring for a newborn. Suddenly, I was thrust into the world of over-Googling infant sleep noises, researching diaper quality, and discussing why or why not the “breast is best.” It happened to me, and although I was embarrassed by it, I didn’t hate it either. The hilarious part was, I kept feeling the need to write about it. But- NO, I could NOT give in to these instincts, damn it! I would NOT become one of them.

So I welcome you to Cliché Mom. I gave in. I succumbed to the cliché, and I have to tell you- it feels like it was almost inevitable. The thing that I fought so hard against is the thing that will ultimately save my new-parent frazzled mind. I’ve learned so many lessons already in the earliest stages of motherhood, but the biggest by far has been humility. I had no idea what it would be like to become a mother, and all (well, most… ha) of the judgements I had were beyond unfair and completely naive. This shit is hard.

Cliché Mom will not be the perfect mom blog full of advice and craft ideas because I am happy to share that is still not who I am. I still hate crafts, forever and ever, and I now realize I have no business giving advice to anyone about how to take care of a small human. Like The Daily Sampler, Cliché Mom is my outlet to muse, deprecate, and ponder the joys and sorrows of parenthood. We’ll explore general topics like, “DOES THIS TMI-MEDICAL SCENARIO HAPPEN TO ALL MOTHERS AFTER CHILD BIRTH?” and “NO ONE TOLD ME THAT THIS HARDSHIP OF NEW MOTHERHOOD COULD EASILY BE SOLVED BY DOING ‘X.'” Stuff like that. I’ll try not to shout.

Look how I’ve already gotten all self-important on you, talking about my blog in the third person. Ah yes, I am a mom now. I’m in the club, and ready to embrace all of the baby cooing, playdate planning, solid food-pureeing clichés that come along with it. If you can’t beat ’em…

Welcome to Cliché Mom. Feel free to judge.

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