Today is the six week anniversary of my daughter’s birth, and we celebrated it by being up every hour on the hour last night. As you can imagine, it’s easy to quickly feel the despair of many days without proper rest and allow it to cloud the view. I’m guilty of it.

We’ve decided that parenthood bliss occurs on an every-other-day basis in this household. If Lily has a miserable day, the next is sure to be nearly perfect, the kind of day I imagined while pregnant with her. She is happy, playful, follows a schedule, easily adapts while I take a quick shower and run errands. Those are the days we live for. The alternate days are exhausting, loud with cries, and very long. Sometimes, on the hard days I have a less than stellar attitude. I know it’s to be expected but all I keep thinking is, “I want to enjoy every moment of this.” Is that realistic? Not sure.

One thing I do know is that with impeccable timing, my mom sent some pictures this morning of the moments after Lily was born in the delivery room. At the time, I was so pissed at her for taking them and worse, sending them to people! Mom! No! All I can say is, she was right to take them. (Turns out, she was right about a whole hell of a lot!) In those moments, I experienced the most raw, amazing, overwhelming, emotional minutes I will ever have in my life. She knew that I would want to have them. Seeing my mascara-smeared face, full of relief and happiness as I cradled my teeny baby in my arms was exactly what I needed this morning as I finally (at almost 11AM) ate my first meal of the day. Having a picture of the moment Lily and I looked at each other face-to-face for the first time is a gift I will treasure forever. And I’m crying. Ah, hormones.

I have so many topics to share on Cliché Mom that I find pretty amusing, but today I wanted to go with a reminder that pure, simple bliss is found at the beginning of parenthood, and can be accessed at any time if you allow it.

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